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We have opened our own art gallery… which is something we’ve been planning for some time! Last year, 2022, an opportunity arose to take on a property in Sheringham. Located on the high street, with beautiful curved glass windows, this old shop had the potential to become the ideal space for exhibiting artwork. The light was great and it felt right, plus it was a pebble’s throw from Sheringham’s wonderful beach.
We’re both painters. Michael graduated from art school and has been a professional artist ever since. His work has taken him all over the world, but he has always been drawn to Norfolk. Not a day passes without him painting, sketching or wandering the coast looking for new ideas.
You’ll find Amy at the gallery most days, when she’s not in her studio painting her vibrant abstract florals or organising exhibitions. Amy has worked closely with many galleries and artists over the years and is more than happy to chat to you about your artwork requirements.
Also at the gallery, you’ll find a wonderful collection of wildlife sculpture by Michael’s twin brother Jonathan, plus beautiful figurative bronzes from the studio of Mitchell House and Susan Ashby. Joanna Padfield exhibits her ever-popular linocut prints with us and we have a wide range of art cards to suit all occasions.
When in Sheringham, please come and visit our friendly, welcoming gallery or browse online.

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