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Joanna Padfield

'I have a profound love of nature... never failing to find inspiration for my work when immersed in my surroundings here in the beautiful county of Norfolk... the diverse wildlife, the woods, fields, heathland, the sea and the salt marshes... what a joy to behold!'

Artist Bio

I am an artist and printmaker based in Norfolk. I studied art and design at Norwich school of Art, where I was able to develop my appreciation and understanding of the arts. Drawn to the graphic quality of linocuts I now produce original limited edition linocuts. The process of drawing  and use of colour is important to me, all prints start life as hand drawn imagery in my sketchbook, which are then developed into designs. Each block is hand carved over many hours before being inked and pressed. I love to contrast black and white with the endless possibilities of colour.
With a love of nature and the natural environment my inspiration comes from my surroundings. Wildlife, the woods, fields, heath land, the sea, and the salt marshes all inspire me...
Every print is hand pulled, and therefore proudly shows the various marks left from the rough surface of the Lino block, which furthermore gives each piece of artwork that unique handmade quality.

Walk on the Common joanna padfield lino print.jpg
Spoon at Cley Marsh, Norfolk insitu (1).jpg
Morning Run joanna padfield lino cut print jogger.jpg
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